Board of Directors and Management

Mathew Walker - Executive Director

Mr Walker has extensive experience in public company management and in the provision of corporate advice. Specialising in the natural resources sector, Mr Walker has served as executive Chairman or Managing Director for public companies with mineral interests in North America, South America, Africa, Eastern Europe, Australia and Asia. Currently he serves as Chairman of Blue River Mining Limited. He is also Chairman of corporate advisory firm Cicero Corporate Services based in London UK.

Gary Lyons - Chairman

Mr Lyons is a successful and well respected Perth based businessman; being a shareholder and the Managing Director of the Heiniger Groups Australasian operations for the last 20 years. He is also a Non Executive Director of Anagen Limited and Chairman of Golden West Resources Ltd.

Teck Wong - Non-Executive Director

Mr Wong has considerable international business experience having worked in Hong Kong, United Kingdom and now in Malaysia and Indonesia after graduating with a Bachelor of Business degree from Swinburne University (Melbourne). Mr Wong is involved with mining industry in China, Indonesia and Malaysia. He was previously involved in sales & exports of steel related products and was a director of a retail chain business in United Kingdom. Mr Wong was working in the OEM plastic manufacturing industry in Hong Kong prior to taking up a position in the steel industry in Malaysia.He is currently the Alternate Director in Golden West Resources Ltd, a Western Australian Iron Ore Company listed on the ASX.

Sonu Cheema - Company Secretary

Sonu Cheema is an accountant and company secretary who has worked for mineral exploration companies with interests in Australia, Africa and Mongolia.

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